Bachelor Degree in Teaching

Becoming a teacher is something that a person who has the ability to impart knowledge and the passion to teach should consider. However, it is necessary for anyone who plans on becoming a teacher to know if it is really what he or she wants because it isnít for everyone. If you have decided that this is the career path you want to follow, then you should get started by taking a bachelor degree in teaching. This guide will educate you on the programs that need to be taken in order to become a teacher, along with other relevant information.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Teaching

Talking about a bachelor degree in teaching, it is not only a single program. In fact, a person must first choose as to what type of teacher he or she wants to be. The choices are for elementary, secondary, special education, and others. Basically, an individual would be required to attain at least a bachelorís degree in education (BEd), which is a four-year program. The typical coursework includes: pedagogy, instructional technology, social justice, educational policy and leadership, as well as educational psychology.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelor Degree in Teaching

Due to the need for more and more teachers every year, the country will never run out of good institutes that will train and groom soon-to-be educators. In California, the University of California Los Angeles is most recommended. In Florida, one of the reputable institutions would be the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Other schools worth mentioning are: Northeastern Illinois Universityís College of Education, West Chester University in PA, and Baker College of Muskegon in MI.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Teaching

There are many different kinds of jobs that people with a bachelorís degree in teaching can get. Apparently, graduates do not even have to be teachers since there are many people now who holding education degrees and yet are working in corporations and other business establishments as managers, customer service officers, and others. However, this degree will principally produce preschool teachers, elementary teachers, and secondary school teachers. Those who wish to specialize can take extra credits by enrolling in specialized or advanced programs for 1 to 2 years.

Teaching Job Salary & Outlook

Licensed preschool, elementary school, and secondary school teachers earn an average annual pay of $47,100 to $51,180; this is based on the data obtained from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry-level teachers holding the required bachelorís degree program earn around $33,227 although those with experience and extra credits earn significantly higher than this. In terms of job outlook, the competition is tough for teachers but it is seen to grow by 13% until 2018.

Having a bachelorís degree that will qualify a person to teach will undoubtedly be helpful and necessary in order for him or her to get started with a career in teaching. Advancement is also possible by taking a masters program and eventually, a doctorate, which is usually what teachers do to move higher in their careers.
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