Bachelor Degree in Social Work

Having the opportunity to help people go through a difficult time in their lives can be a rewarding experience, and this is exactly what the job of a social worker is all about. Helping the abused, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, as well as crime victims; a social workerís job isnít easy and yet it is important and meaningful. For people who wish to become professionals in this field, it is essential to get a bachelor degree in social work. Read about this, along with some relevant information related to this educational background below.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Social Work

A degree in social science, particularly social work, will properly equip an individual in his or her desired profession. The most common coursework covered for a bachelor degree in social work (BSW) includes child welfare, human behavior, counseling, and social policy. Additionally, it will include internship in relevant social environments such as halfway houses, schools, and shelters. Although a good number of social work graduates take on advanced education such as a masterís degree, a 4-year program is enough to serve as foundation for a personís career in this field.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelor Degree in Social Work

There are programs on social work that can be obtained online such as that offered by the University of Southern Californiaís School of Social Work. However, many individuals prefer a brick and mortar institution. One of the most recommended schools would be University of Illinois at Chicagoís Jane Addams College of Social Work. Other recommend schools for a BSW are: University of Georgia School of Social Work, University of Phoenix, Capella University, and University of Denver University College.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work

Social workers can work in different environments such as schools, hospitals, and even private residences. They can also work in rehabilitation centers and retirement homes to assist the elderly. Graduates of a degree in social work can become a professional social worker. He or she can be a medical or public health social worker, a substance abuse social worker, a family social worker, a school social worker, or even someone who helps develop plans and policies related to social work.

Social Work Job Salary & Outlook

Based on the data gathered from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008, the median yearly pay of social workers is $39,530. Entry-level workers earn around $25,870 however some are earning as much as $66,430. Those working in elementary and secondary schools are the ones being paid the most. In terms of job outlook, social workers held 642,000 jobs as of 2008 and employment is projected to rise steadily until 2018 so individuals planning to build a career in this field should have nothing to worry about.

A degree in social work seems to be a good start to a bright and rewarding future. And there is always the option to advance in educational attainment to be able to take on bigger job opportunities. Obtaining a masterīs or a doctorate program can further solidify a personís career in this profession.
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