Bachelor Degree in Psychology

The study of human behavior is referred to as psychology. To choose this as a major would mean that your college program would be filled with interesting lessons and activities. Many individuals today have a bachelor degree in psychology because as a graduate, it is possible to work in different kinds of jobs. There are various subtopics revolving around psychology and this guide will give you an overview about what to expect in terms of the programs covered, the most reputable schools, career path, salary, and job outlook.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Psychology

Dubbed as the science of the soul, a bachelor degree in psychology is a four-year program, under a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science undergraduate program. It is considered among the top choices in colleges and universities. Because of its adaptability, a good number of people with psychology degrees pursue an advanced program, including law or medicine. Coursework includes a wide range of topics such as personality, clinical psychology, neuropsychology, business psychology, health psychology, abnormal psychology, workplace psychology, and many others.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelor Degree in Psychology

Currently, there are many schools offering psychology majors in the United States that students can choose from. However, for those who are interested to enroll only in the most prestigious institutes, here is a list of the top five of them: Stanford University in California, University of California Berkeley, University of Florida, University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, and University of Texas at Austin. These universities also offer specializations including neuroscience, health science, and abnormal psychology.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of psychology is that it is very adaptable to different fields of work. This feature allows people holding a bachelor degree in psychology to take varied jobs. Among the most common occupations taken by psychology majors are: psychologist, counselor, human resource specialist, public relations, rehabilitation advisor, and store manager. There are many more jobs that qualify people who have majored in psychology, and they can even proceed to take an advanced program for bigger career opportunities.

Psychology Job Salary & Outlook

The salary of a psychologist would depend on the area that he or she is covering. School psychologists earn an average of $59,400/year, while engineering psychologists earn an average of $79,818/year. Moreover, other jobs that qualify psychology majors such as that of a school counselor earn around $59,440/year. In terms of job outlook, it show that there is a steady growth in the number of individuals who pursue a degree in psychology however because it studies human behavior and can be applicable for many occupations, it still holds a promising future for many college students.

Students who decide to take an undergraduate program in psychology should always take the time to carefully plan out their future. Doing so would help them learn about the career opportunities that will be opened for them. Part of the planning also entails deciding on the finest institutes to enroll in to ensure a solid foundation in their respective careers.
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