Bachelor Degree in Marketing

A bachelor degree in marketing is one of the top-ranking programs taken by college students nowadays. This is because after graduation, there is a wide range of career options to choose from, including a career in sales, advertising, management, research, and other customer-centric occupations. What this means is that a person with a major in marketing would not be limited to only one career path. This guide will help you become familiarized with this highly popular college major so that you can decide on whether this is what you want or not.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Marketing

A good number of today’s business leaders have a background in marketing, or at the very least, in business administration. A bachelor degree in marketing will serve as a good foundation for any individual who wishes to prepare themselves in the fast-paced world of business, to be better equipped with the knowledge and skills covering various concepts including sales, marketing, and advertising. This degree focuses on areas including sales tools and strategies, advertising, consumer/market behavior, marketing research, business law, microeconomics, and management, among others.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelor Degree in Marketing

Individuals looking for a reputable university or college where he or she can take a degree in Marketing could choose from dozens of choices. However, he or she can choose from the top business schools both in the East and the West coasts. The most prestigious schools are: University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), New York University (Stern School of Business), Bakersfield School of Business & Public Administration, as well as the University of Texas (McCombs School of Business).

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing

As mentioned above, graduates with a bachelor’s degree in this field would not have to go through very limited options for their career. They can work in various jobs, and among the typical careers they usually pursue are in public relations, marketing, sales, and advertising. It is likewise worth mentioning that people who have chosen any of the aforementioned careers have good opportunities for growth due to the fact that these kinds of jobs cover a wide scope, requiring entry-level, supervisory, managerial, and even top-executive positions.

Marketing Job Salary & Outlook

Based on the data obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for their 2008 survey, public relations and marketing specialists earn an annual median pay of $51,280; market research analysts are getting an annual median pay of $61,070; and marketing managers, sales managers, and sales executives are earning a median average of $80,220 to $108,580. The future looks bright for individuals majoring in Marketing because the business world will always be around, particularly now with the steady rise of globalization.

By opting to major in marketing, you can very well benefit from the knowledge and skills that you will learn in school, which will help you when looking for employment. Plus, with the many different jobs that you can choose from after graduation, it wouldn’t be a problem building your way towards a successful career.
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