Bachelor Degree in Interior Design

A bachelor degree in interior design will prepare creative individuals for an exciting career. With this educational attainment, you could work as an interior designer or even a graphic designer. In general, individuals who enroll in this program are those who have an eye for beauty, a knack for arts, and a passion to enhance a particular thing, area, or place. In this guide, you will learn more about this undergraduate program and what the future has in store for people who have decided to embark on a career in interior design.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design

A bachelor degree in interior design is a 4-year program that will properly equip an individual to handle a variety of functions in the professional world of interior designing. The coursework for interior design is varied however majority of accredited colleges and universities have the following in their programs: graphic communication, spatial planning, color theory, drawing, and furniture design. After completion of the program, individuals should already have learned skills specific to interior design such as computer aided design (CAD), design presentation, and visualization.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design

Those who want to train for a career in interior design are at a huge advantage because there are many good schools in the U.S. that offer these programs. Out of all these institutes, four rank higher than the rest and these are the California College of Arts, New York School of Interior Design, Rhode Island School of Design, and University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. There are also accredited online programs provided by reputable institutes for distance and home learning, and one of them is the American InterContinental University.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design

Individuals who have graduated with a bachelorís degree in interior design are employed in different fields. Most of them work as residential and commercial interior designers, and are employed by consulting firms although there are also others who work as freelancers. Moreover, there are those who work as corporate and exhibition designers. Aside from this, they can also be employed in hotels, resorts, shopping malls, and corporate offices for the main purpose of designing rooms and areas for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Interior Design Job Salary & Outlook

Based on the data obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008, interior designers are paid a median annual salary of $44,950. Entry-level interior designers are paid around $27,230 but the more seasoned designers are earning as much as $82,750. There were already 71,700 interior designers employed in 2008 and it has been projected that employment will continue to grow up to 19% until 2018. With more infrastructures being built plus the stiff competition between businesses, the need for interior designers will always be there.

A bachelor degree in interior design can be the first step towards achieving success in your career. With the demand for interior design services in many industries, the probability of low employment opportunities is indeed very unlikely.
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