Bachelor Degree in English

Whether for teaching, writing, editing or analyzing, a career in English is a richly rewarding and challenging opportunity for those who have a passion for language and the written word. A career in English encourages creative thinking, curiosity, a large expanse of knowledge, self-motivation and perseverance.

Information on a Bachelors Degree in English

Studying for a bachelor degree in English, students can expect to learn the proper use of the English language, advanced and critical analysis of written materials, literary comprehension and writing skills, liberal arts and the study of literature, writing, and English language as a tool, along with editing, written communication and critical thinking. For those students who are studying English to become a teacher there will also be a separate teacher training program that they will be required to complete as well. Many students will study to become writers, authors or editors.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelors Degree in English

Trying to decide which college to attend to get a bachelor degree in English can be overwhelming as there are a myriad of colleges available across the country that offer great programs. Three of the best institutes offering a bachelor degree in English are Amherst College in Amherst, MA; Williams College in Williamstown, MA and Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, PA. Many of the colleges available offer both online courses and campus classes. Online classes allow students incredible flexibility with their schedules and college campus courses provide an undeniably important role for hands on learning and required internships. Many teaching programs require campus courses and therefore may allow students a curriculum that includes both online and campus classes.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in English

The career field for English majors is quite vast. Some of the career options available to graduates are a writer, an English or language arts teacher, secondary school teacher, ESL or adult literacy teacher, public relations specialist, technical writer and an editor. Many students that acquire their bachelor degree in English go on to teach. Another large portion of graduates become writers and authors. About 70% of authors and writers are self-employed and about half of all salaried writers and authors work as technical writers, or as professional or scientific writers. Various industries that writers typically work in are advertising, public relations, newspapers, periodical, book, and directory publishers.

English Job Salary & Outlook

The average annual salary for a career in English is $50,040 to $52,450 and depends greatly upon the position, and if teaching, the grade level, location and course study. ESL or adult literacy teachers typically earn an average of $18.00 per hour. Editors can expect to make an annual average of $49,990. The expected growth rate for careers in English is expected to rise at an average rate (around 12%). The prediction is that there will be a great deal of competition for career opportunities among English majors as the career field attracts many scholars.

A career in English requires responsibility and ethics, tact and concentration, and provides an opportunity to greatly influence the lives of many individuals; however it is a challenging, rewarding, stable and fulfilling career.
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