Bachelor Degree in Engineering

Engineering is a process of problem solving and analysis that has a powerful impact on the way we live, work, learn and communicate. Engineering provides individuals who possess logical and analytical rigor to use their abilities and imaginations to create, design and build.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Engineering

Engineering is a combination of mathematics and applied science; applied science just means transferring scientific knowledge into the physical world. With the use of science and mathematics, engineers find solutions for technical problems with the use of research and development skills. Students achieving their bachelor degree in engineering can expect a curriculum that focuses on basic engineering principles, engineering applications and extensive laboratory experience. Course programs will include mathematics, physical science, life science, general engineering, social sciences and humanities. Students will be taught problem solving skills and will have significant studies in analysis.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelor Degree in Engineering

There are a multitude of colleges available to students across the nation. Many of the colleges offer students several options regarding program choices ranging from online classes for flexible schedule opportunities to on-site campus courses for a more hands on approach. Of all of the choices there are institutes that are best known for their engineering programs. The top rated schools offering a bachelor degree in engineering are the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA; Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA; Cornell University in Ithaca, NY; Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA; Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA; Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN; Stanford University in Stanford, CA and University of California at Berkeley in Berkeley, CA.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering

The number of career opportunities available in the engineering field is staggering and much of the opportunities are in high demand due to a lack of qualified engineers. Even more exciting is the knowledge that engineering salaries are continuing to rise while many other industries have witnessed a decline in salary. Some engineers will work in design and development while others focus on testing, production or maintenance. To name a few career options available for a graduates with a bachelor degree in engineering there is manufacturing, health care, financial institutions, consulting services, energy, agricultural and environmental research, education and government. In each of these fields there are a myriad of career options.

Engineering Job Salary & Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics notes engineering is one of the highest paid careers and is the most thriving industry. The average annual salary for an engineer varies between $52,048 and $83,121. There are several fields of engineering, the largest field is civil engineering followed by mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering and electronic engineering. The expected growth rate for engineering careers projected by the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics is 30.6% between 2008 and 2018 with the fast growing fields predicted to be civil engineering, biomedical engineering and environmental engineering.

Engineering is a career field with a significant growth expectation and steadily increasing salary. Engineering is a fantastic opportunity for an exciting and rewarding career for those with strong problem solving skills and analytical minds.
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