Bachelor Degree in Education

There is more to a career in education than having summer vacations and holiday breaks. Many of those who go into the field of education truly have a passion for the work they do and understand that within their career they will greatly impact the lives of many people. Teachers bring an opportunity for learning and growth to every pupil they encounter and must be aware of the necessity of the position that they hold. The job of an educator is an important responsibility.

Information on a Bachelors Degree in Education

Most people with a bachelor degree in education go on to become a teacher. While some students major in education others will specialize in a specific area of education, for example biology, history or English. A bachelor degree teaches about plan lessons; how to handle disciplinary situations; and teaches the fundamentals of the psychology of learning. In many areas there is a high demand for teachers so many graduates find a position right out of college. Commonly, students can choose between specializing in either elementary, middle or secondary level of education.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelors Degree in Education

The leading colleges offering a bachelor degree in education are Grand Canyon University Online, Walden University, Ashford University, Liberty University Online, Western Governors University and the Academy of Art University Online. For a bachelor degree most students that attend college online will have to do some splitting between online courses and on campus courses for the fulfillment of student teaching internships. Undeniably, online courses allow students incredible scheduling flexibility, but there will be some necessary classroom requirements.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Education

The jobs available with a bachelor degree in education mostly involve teaching. There are some opportunities in curriculum design and some corporate training positions but frequently those positions require a more advanced education than just a bachelor degree. The type of teaching positions available varies greatly and depends upon the area of expertise that the graduate chose to study and the grade level. Teaching jobs are impacted by location as well, some areas have a shortage of good teachers while other locations have more teachers than positions available.

Education Job Salary & Outlook

A first year teacher with a bachelor degree in education reportedly makes an average annual salary of $26,700 to $31,000. The national average for an annual teacherís salary is $46,600. Teachers with many years experience can earn upwards of $70,000 on average per year. Private school teachers typically make less than public school teachers; however, they are usually provided great benefits, such as free or subsidized housing. In addition, teachers can take on extra-curricular activities to increase their earning potential; some examples are tutoring, coaching or by advancing their degrees past a bachelor degree in education.

Entering the education field is a great opportunity to start a career that is challenging and rewarding. The education field is expected to grow and the need for talented teachers is high in many areas of the country.
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