Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

A career in culinary arts is a fast paced, challenging and highly rewarding opportunity that allows individuals to take their love for cooking and food preparation and turn it into a fulfilling career. For many people a career in culinary arts allows them to mingle their passion with their livelihood.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

A bachelor degree in culinary arts provides the necessary skills for many positions within the food and hospitality industries. A typical list of courses that a student will take while acquiring their bachelor degree includes; introduction to the hospitality industry, food preparation, purchasing, sanitation, business administration, employee management, menu planning, meal presentation, wine and beverages, baking and artistic presentation.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts

While there are many higher education options available to students nationwide, some of the most recognized culinary arts colleges have campuses located all over the country. The top colleges offering a bachelor degree program in culinary arts are the International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes, Le Cordon Bleu Schools North America, Le Cordon Bleu International, The French Culinary Institute and Johnson & Wales University.

Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts

Graduates can look forward to many possible career options; some of the options available are executive chef; sous chef, catering manager or a cook in a private household. A cook in a private home is in charge of all of the meal planning and preparation. Executive chefs train the kitchen staff, plan the menu and take full responsibility for the overall safety of the kitchen. Sous Chefs are assistants to the executive chefs, they are second in command. Sous chefs must be able to fully run the kitchen because at times they will take over for the executive chef. Catering managers negotiate contracts and help with menu options, catering managers usually work in the hospitality industry.

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Culinary Arts Job Salary & Outlook

The culinary arts industry is expected to continue to grow although there is a great deal of competition especially in the higher end restaurants. The salary ranges vary based upon location and the type of work performed. On average, working as a private in home cook the salary ranges from $8.04 to $20.62 per hour or $16,720 to $42880 annually. Executive chefs can expect to earn an average yearly salary of between $41,647 and $68,135. Executive Chefs in catering companies earn an average of $40,308 to $61,566 annually. Sous chefs earnings are an average of $33,639 to $52,677 per year. Catering Managers can expect to make an average of between $35,733 and $49,983 per year.

The career opportunities in the culinary arts are growing and steady. While there is a great deal of competition in the industry there is also a continuous rise in the number of families that dine outside of their homes. Whether you prefer to work in a home environment or in a restaurant, or if you aspire to start your own catering business; culinary arts allows you to apply your own niche to nearly every opportunity and really enjoy what you do you for a living.
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