Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice

A career in the criminal justice field can be quite rewarding, exciting and important to society. Criminal justice is the study and application of laws pertaining to criminal behavior. The opportunities available in criminal justice range from working with as a police officer to working as a member of the Supreme Court with a myriad of options in between.

Information on a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

Specific college programs will vary greatly, but a bachelor degree in criminal justice will include studies in typologies, criminology and causes of crime and victims. Typology is the study of types and is important to develop and examine and understand probabilities in criminal behavior. Criminology is the study of crime. Students can expect to study the nature and extent, causes, control and consequences of criminal behavior not only in individuals but also in society. Studying the causes of crime and victims helps investigate and apply cause and effect.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

The number of colleges available to students that provide bachelor degree programs in criminal justice is staggering. There are many great institutions to choose from but some of the best colleges offering a bachelor degree in criminal justice are the University of Maryland, College Park; State University of New York, Albany; University of Cincinnati; University of Missouri, St. Louis; Penn State; University of California, Irving; Florida State University; Michigan State University; Rutgers, Newark; and the City University of New York.

Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice

There are a multitude of jobs available to individuals that have a bachelor degree in criminal justice. Generally they can be broken down into local, state, federal and private. Local opportunities would include careers within the sheriff department, county police, juvenile facilities and local jails. Options available through the state include the court system, state police and prisons. Federal careers include the FBI, food and drug administration, department of defense and customs. Finally, the private sector opens doors in private investigation, security officers and body guards.

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Criminal Justice Job Salary & Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that the outlook for the criminal justice field is excellent. There are many career opportunities available to those with a bachelor degree in criminal justice. The salary expectations vary greatly depending up the career and geographical location. Statistics indicate the average income for police and sheriff patrols is $53,210. Detectives and criminal investigators can expect to make, on average, an annual salary of $62,110. The expected average annual income for fish and game workers is $48,800. Parole and probation officers and correctional training specialists make an average of $46,530. Correctional officers and jailers can expect to earn $39,050 for an average annual income.

The criminal justice field is steadily growing and is a secure career choice. Criminal justice is an important and necessary part of society. Those who reach their goal of achieving their bachelor degree in criminal justice can look forward to a fulfilling career that requires a great deal of responsibility and ethics.
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