Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Contrary to what many people may believe computer science is not only about building computers or creating computer programs. Computer science has a broad range of career opportunities available to those who thoroughly enjoy determining which problems are and are not computable. Computer science involves problem solving skills, coupled with mathematical analysis and logical rigor used to evaluate computations and solutions; not necessarily on the tools we use but how we use the tools and how the tools compute the problem.

Information on a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science

Typically students studying for their bachelor degree in computer science will be required to focus on studying mathematics and theories. Not all colleges will offer the same course guidelines but routine and standard courses that will apply to majority of college programs will include programming principles, programming paradigms, algorithms, data structures, logic and computation and computer architecture. In addition, some college programs will emphasize more mathematical studies than others and beyond those classes students can commonly pick from a variety of study topics necessary to obtain their bachelor degree in computer science.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science

There are many college options available nationwide to students who want to achieve their goal of getting their bachelor degree in computer science. The top 10 colleges listed as the best schools for computer science majors are Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Stanford University; Carnegie Mellon University; University of California-Berkeley; Cornell University; University of Texas-Austin; University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; Princeton University; California Institute of Technology and University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Department.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Computer science offers a wide variety of career opportunities. An individual with a bachelor degree in computer science can look forward to a position as a computer scientist; market researcher; risk analyst; statistician; computer programmer; senior software engineer, developer, programmer; information technology (IT) manager; project manager or programmer analyst. In addition to the many career options open to a computer science major, you can also look forward to a steadily growing career field and a competitive and desirable salary.

Computer Science Job Salary & Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects the industry to grow at a predicted rate of 38% by 2016. Salary expectations vary depending upon location and your specific computer science field of choice but some general ideas of what to expect can be broken down as follows: computer application software engineers make an average of $87,480 per year and computer systems software engineers can expect an annual average of $93,470. Furthermore, senior software engineers, developers and programmers can reasonably expect an annual average of $77,909 to $102,688 and software developers specializing in web applications make an average of $47,634 to $69,864 annually.

The forecast projected for computer science career opportunities is excellent. A bachelor degree in computer science will ensure a career with great growth expectations, job security and financial success and freedom. In addition, for the logical and analytical minds a career in computer science can be quite challenging and rewarding.
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