Bachelor Degree in Communications

Communications, public relations and the media all play an important role in society today. The communications field is very broad and can be a promising career option for those with excellent communication skills and a love for learning more about the world around them. Communication specialists are advocates working on behalf of their clients to help develop and maintain a positive public relationship and image. Public relations is the art of managing communications between an organization and its publics in an effort to maintain a public image in a manner that serves not only the organizations interest but the publicís interests as well.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Communications

Obtaining a bachelor degree in communications is an exciting move in the right direction towards a rewarding career in public relations. There are many programs available to students who want to go into communications and many subfields to choose from for a specific study focus. As students advance into a bachelor degree in communications from their associate degree, they will commonly choose a specific field of study, such as; journalism, business communications or technical writing. In the route to acquiring a bachelor degree, students will become more focused on the specific area of communications or public relations that is of interest to them.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelors Degree in Communications

Students have many options all over the country for great colleges that offer a bachelor degree in communications. Some of the best institutes offering a bachelor degree in communications are the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School of Communications; Syracuse University New House School of Public Communications; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; Pepperdine University Seaver College Communication Division; University of Kansas; California State University at Northridge; University of Massachusetts Amherst College; and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Communications

A bachelor degree in communications really does open doors to several career opportunities. Some of the career options available are public relations specialist, reporter, journalist, advertising, marketing, corporate training, technical writer and management. With so many options to choose from an individual can focus on the area of public relations that they have a niche for and therefore will be more likely to reach personal and professional success in their career. Reporters and journalists may find media work more appealing while technical writers can apply their love for communications and sciences into a fulfilling career.

Communications Job Salary & Outlook

The growth expectation of jobs within the communications field is expected to rise much faster than average, which will make entry level opportunities quite competitive. Public relations specialists on average earn $51,280 annually. The annual earnings for various communications positions vary. For those in management of companies and enterprises, the annual salary is $55,530 per year on average. Business, professional, labor and political organizations can expect to make an annual income of $55,460. The average income for local government per year is $51,340 and colleges, universities, and professional schools earn an annual income of $46,660.

Public relations is a secure career choice with a good forecast of steadily inclining work opportunities and while there is a great deal of competition in the field there is also a great deal of room for advancement.
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