Bachelor Degree in Biology

Biologists are a vital part of our society; the research they conduct provides many services to our environment and our overall health and wellbeing. Biologists study living organisms and they study the relationship of those living organisms to that of the environment. Most biologists specialize in one specific area of biology.

Information on a Bachelors Degree in Biology

Obtaining a bachelor degree in biology is a very important step on the path to becoming a biologist. While biology courses generally cover many topics and each college will offer a diversity of program guidelines, students can expect to learn cell biology, plant biology, animal physiology and anatomy while studying for their bachelor degree in biology. In addition, students will also be educated in mathematics, chemistry, physics and computer science. Like many degrees today there are options for acquiring the degree both online or by going to college on campus.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelors Degree in Biology

Three of the best institutes offering a bachelor degree in biology are Ohio State University, University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The biology courses available at Ohio State University are integrated biology, plant biology, biological anthropology, molecular genetics, and histology of vertebrate. The University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences allows students to choose from biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, wildlife of Florida and microbiological biotechnology. Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences course topics are physiology of plants, organic evolution, and biology of microorganisms, ecology and physiology of animals.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Biology

Employment opportunities available for those who have a bachelor degree in biology are minimal because most careers in biology require higher education. One option is education; there are opportunities for high school, middle school and private school teachers. Another opportunity with a bachelor degree is biomedical research; it may be possible to get an entry level lab tech position if a great deal of lab experience has been acquired. Biologists may also consider applying with state and government agencies such as the forest service or the agriculture department, state parks and any private conservation positions. The Peace Corps is another opportunity, not necessarily because of the position but because of the options the Peace Corps could open up in the future.

Biology Job Salary & Outlook

The outlook for biological scientists is excellent with an expected growth rate of 21% from 2008 to 2018. Salaries vary greatly in this profession and depend not only upon location but also on what specific area of study you choose to work in. The average annual income for biochemists and biophysisicists is $82,840; microbiologist’s average annual income is $64,350; and zoologists can expect a yearly average of $55,290. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that beginning out with a bachelor degree in biology, people can expect to make an average annual income of $33,254 in biological and life sciences.

A bachelor degree in biology is a necessary step in the right direction toward your goal of becoming a biologist. The career opportunities are continuously growing and the job of a biologist is quite important to all living organisms. Biology is a rewarding and fulfilling career field.
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