Bachelor Degree in Accounting

Accounting is a continuously growing occupational field that offers security and stability. Accounting requires analytical skills and problem-solving abilities coupled with logical reasoning and a love for numbers. This thriving industry has many opportunities to offer career seekers. Research reveals that most employers require, at minimum, a bachelor degree for accounting positions.

Information on a Bachelor Degree in Accounting

There are many options available to students for obtaining a bachelor degree in accounting, and a wide variety of schools that offer bachelor degree programs. Naturally, the specific course programs and guidelines that each college provides and follows will vary. Generally a bachelor degree in accounting will provide students with the knowledge for not only the beginning and intermediate courses in accounting but also advanced accounting classes as well. Typically there will be courses specifically tailored to taxation and auditing. In addition to your accounting courses you will also study business and management classes as well as your customary elective courses.

Best Institutes Offering a Bachelors Degree in Accounting

There are a multitude of accredited colleges offering accounting degrees. Colleges across the country offer options for accounting degrees online as well as degrees earned attending school on campus. Nationwide the top accounting colleges include the University of Texas at Austin; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Brigham Young University-Provo in Provo Utah; the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California. These colleges are recognized for the accounting programs they provide to students. When choosing a college do some investigating to verify the college and see how accepted their degrees are.

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Jobs Possible with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting

Obtaining your bachelor degree in accounting opens up many valuable job opportunities such as; Accountant, Auditor, Bookkeeper, Educator, Payroll Services, Self-Employment and Tax Preparer. Accountants and Auditors are much needed assets to the majority of all businesses. Accountants are vital members of nearly every company in every industry. Some accounting fields include cost accounting, financial accounting, public accounting and government accounting. In addition, with the complexity of tax and corporate law, companies are finding it necessary to hire full time accountants to decipher and keep up with the ever changing rules, regulations and laws that they are required to comply with.

Accounting Job Salary & Outlook

According to the Bureau of Statics an accountant with a bachelor degree can expect to earn an annual income of $43,269 and the salary range can go exponentially higher from there. Ten percent of accountants and auditorís report salaries exceeding $88,000 per year. The Department of Laborís Bureau of Statistics reports that employment opportunities for Accountants and Auditors is expected to have a growth rate of between 18% to 26% each year through 2014. Records indicate 1.2 million accountant positions were held in 2004 and the expected rise in the number of accountants is projected at 5 million accountants by 2014.

Acquiring a bachelor degree in accounting is a secure move in the right direction with a wide variety of career options. The industry is always expanding and is expected to grow steadily in the future.
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